AddictingCraft- A fun server that has it all! With five worlds, no one player should ever feel bored. With great staff, community, and advanced plugins, this server isdefinitelyworth tryingout.

I had been getting frustrated from scowering the Minecraft server lists for servers that looked like they were worth reviewing. After about an hour, I finally found this server. When I first connected, I expected a simple SMP server with fewer buildings, and some staff. Wow, I was surprised. As I began to play and explore, I found many cool buildlings and a lot of cool factions. That was only on one world! The staff were very nice, and greeted me right when I connected. The community is fairly small, but I hope that will change in the future.

This server has some pretty cool plugins. As mentioned before, they have more than one world. These other worlds consist of the End, Nether, Hardcore PvP, and Survival. There is minimal to no lag whatsoever. The community is very welcoming, and the rules are very reasonable. I really enjoyed my visit to this server, and I hope that I’ll be seeing more servers like this one.

Lets take a look at each world:

SMP- This world includes factions which encourages teamwork and the formations of communities.

PvP- A rough n’ tough place where you can fight to the death andrelievestress.

Creative- Let your imagination flow as you build a world that’s in your mind.

End & Nether- Party with your friends in places you normally wouldn’t party…. I guess…

I like this server and recommend it to all.

Reviewed by dsboy1120

Note: This server is a(n):

  • SMP
  • PvP
  • Creative

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