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Age of Minecraft- Another brilliant server that any RPG enthusiasts should try out. Staff and community have gone above and beyond their responsabilities. An amazing server, just amazing.

It’s servers like these that makes reviewing a blast! This server is exceptional in almost everything. Only problem is they need a larger community (which I hope gets fixed soon). I love this server and will start to become a regular on it. The staff is amazing, the community is nice, and the buildlings are just beautiful. The CoOwners work as a great team and strive to bring players the best experience possible on their server.

I love that this server kept it’s old map. This shows that the owners care and value the player. The RPG is very good in this server, I felt like apeasantinmedievaltimes! The NPC guards, castles, and villages just make that RPG feeling so overwhelming. As said before, the people on this server are very nice and help you fit right on in. I recommend this server to RPG enthusiasts and SMPers. PvP is allowed, but nottoleratedhighly. Amazing server, keep up the good work.

Reviewed by dsboy1120

Note: This server is a(n):

  • SMP
  • PvP (very light)
  • RPG (Hardcore)

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Age of Minecraft Server

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