Anti-Gravel Server


Anti-Gravel Server- An ok server that has some fun plugins, and an average community.

One word comes to my mind when I played on this server; average. The server has a nice hero plugin, but otherwise, it did not really stand out to me. The owner is nice and the community is ok. I did have a small problem with getting spawned killed twice, however the owner was very responsive when I reported them to him. I did not really notice any big builds. Spawn is kind of fun because there is a little “hidden room” game, but the hidden room isn’t really all that great… I do really like the “hero” plugin they have. It adds a fun, new twist to pvp factions. Overall, I found this server not really amazing, but not really terrible.

Note: This server is a(n):

  • PvP
  • Factions

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Anti-Gravel Server

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