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CyanSnow Light survival!- Version: 1.2 Type: SMP, PvP Desc: A fun server that has a pretty cool community and nice staff!

My first view of this server was a sketchy one. I connected and was not greeted whatsoever. However, as I got more active in the chat and in the game, people did begin to talk to me. I found the staff very reasonable and friendly. Overall, I like this server.

I admire this server because it is rapidly rebuilding with the 1.2 update. They already have the necessary plugins that many servers are lacking. The community is rebuilding towns and homes, while having fun! I do have to admit that the community is a little rough, but you can tell that they are legit SMP/PvP players.

Remember this server is PvP, there is a chance you will be killed. Rules are very lax; griefing and killing are allowed. They frown upon excessive killing. These rules apply to members of factions. If someone is not a member of a faction, then they may not be greifed.

As stated before, I enjoyed the server overall andrecommendit to people who enjoy legit survival with a flare of PvP.

Reviewed by dsboy1120

Note: This server is a(n):

  • Survival
  • PvP
  • Factions

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CyanSnow Light Survival Server

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