EmeraldCraft – Enjoy pvp/factions with your friends! The staff is nice, plugins are great, lag is manageable, and gameplay is pure and simple.

Intro:When I first joined this server, I was like, “Oh great, just another pvp/faction server”. However, I quickly found out that I was wrong. This server has a great staff, good plugins, and a genuine feeling of simplicity that all work together to create the beautiful work of art that is EmeraldCraft. So, lets get to the knitty-gritty shtuff.

Staff/Community (4/5):The staff on this server are pretty nice, however there were some moments where they seemed somewhat disorganized. I didn’t get to catch much of the community because not that many people were online. However, it does seem like they would be nice as well!

Builds (4/5):The builds here were pretty good, which is very surprising for a pvp/faction server. The spawn is absolutely gorgeous, and there are several huge builds scattered across the map. Even though their style of building is common, these builders were able to utilize it in such a way to create their own, completely original masterpiece. With the talent that I saw, I was kind of dissapointed when I did not see any towns of sorts, however that may come in the future.

Plugins/Lag (3/5):This is definitely a minimalist server. It seems to have the perfect mixture of fun plugins and necessary plugins to make this server just… well… perfect! It maintains a sense of simplicity by abstaining from plugins such as multiverse and votefordiamonds (etc) that makes a server feel cluttered. I did, however, notice that there was a noticeable amount of lag when I first started playing (hence the “average” score) which did disappear over time.

Gameplay (4/5):Even though this server does it very very well, it is still just a normal pvp/faction server, which means that this style of play is fairly common and dry. However, if I were to join the mainstream and go back to those types of servers, I would definitely pick this one.

Final Words:This server is all around good. It isn’t the best, however it is by far from the worst. If you enjoy simple pvp/factions, and are looking for a server to make your new home, or even simply visit, this one is definitely a chance that you should take. The staff is nice, plugins are great, lag is manageable, and gameplay is pure and simple. Keep up the good work!

Score: 15/20 75% C+ Above Average

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Note: This server is a(n):

  • PvP
  • Factions

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