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Forsaken PVP – Have some fun fighting other players, and at the same time, make some friends who are willing to help you out, no matter the cost!

Intro: At first glance, the Forsaken PVP server is a server that revolves around the PVP and survival aspect of the game. Unlike other servers in this genre, Forsaken PVP remains true to the PVP and survival roots, and does not present any flashy buildings that would otherwise question what type of server it was. We will be grading the Forsaken PVP server on a 20 point scale, divided up into 4 sections.

Staff/Community (5/5):The community was very kind towards me, from the time I entered, to the time I left. When I first entered, I was greeted with a couple of warm “Welcome!” messages, and that’s not just from the staff! I actually got the welcome messages from the regulars of the server, so that means that the community is fairly active and friendly as well.

Builds (4/5): Even though I’ve seen better, those servers that usually have better buildings aren’t really focused on the PVP aspect of the game, and rather, are just a cluster of different aspects. I applaud Forsaken PVP for being bold enough to maintain the primitive aspect of Minecraft. My only complaint was that I managed to fall into a lavafall next to spawn, and I couldn’t retrieve my items because the area the items fell in were restricted. Not really a big deal though in my opinion.

Plugins/Lag (5/5): Even though I couldn’t really measure the server’s capabilities of being able to handle a high amount of players, I could, however, say that the server plugins are fairly solid for PVP, making it so you can’t cheat when it comes to engaging another player. This is a really big aspect when it comes to PVP servers, and most PVP servers lack this. This server, however, does not.

Gameplay (5/5):This server is based around PVP, and it does a good job of doing so. In my opinion, it’s incredibly well implemented, and I can see it scaling, even if the server gets 50+ players at a time.

Final Words:The Forsaken PVP server is a small server that has great potential. the community is nice, and the plugins are very solid. If you are looking for a PVP server with a nice community that won’t leave you feeling ignored, then this server is for you!

Score: 19/20 95% A+ Excellent

Note:This server is a(n):

  • PVP
  • Survival


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Forsaken PVP Server

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