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GalaxyCrafters Server- A server that isconstantlyimproving itself. It has highstandardsin staff, building, and community.

This is a 100% survival server with PvP tolerance. This server has low if any lag. The spawn is amazing, though it was imported from a shell. However, I was informed that much work went into renovating the city to meet the needs of the server. This server is hosted in Canada, and is economy based. The server still has some works that needs to be done with adding new plugins, and creating shops. The staff is good humored, yet responsible, and the community is very welcoming and kind.

When I first connected to this server, I was greeted with a Villager child, and about 10 “welcomes” from the community. Later, I found out that the child was actually one of the admins of the server. After the initial greetings, he took me on a tour of the capitol city. I was amazed by the great building. During the tour, I was observing the interactions of the community through the chat. It seemed like they were very kind and polite to each other. I was impressed at the zero cussing rule that is strictly enforced. I think this server is good for beginners and veterans alike. It has a good Survival feeling to it, with small hints of PvP. This server is good for Survivors who enjoy very, and I mean very, light PvP.

Reviewed by dsboy1120

Note: This server is a(n):

  • SMP
  • PvP (Extremely light)

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GalaxyCrafters Server

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