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Gatecraft PvP – A PVP server with a nice twist!

Intro: Sometimes simpler is better, and less is more, and this server is a perfect example of this. For all of you faction/pvp fans out there who just want to connect and fight, this server is probably one of the best for you. This server has no whitelist and few rules. When you look at spawn, you really have no questions to ask because all of the information you need to know is posted on the signs hanging on the wall! The staff is justpurelyamazingas well. The owner, Lost_Sentinal, was very helpful about this review. This new server is looking for players who are lovers of fighting. Well, lets go on to the review.

Builds (Exempt): This server is only 3 days old which makes it exempt from the builds portion of the review.

Community (5/5): This server has one of the bests communities I have ever seen. All of the players are just incredibaly nice, and the staff is extremely helpful. When I got on this server, I was included an a little “fight of the gods”, even before I announced I was a server reviewer. Simply amazing. The owner is one of the best I have ever met. He is kind, cool, and collected. All of these traits are necessary to run a good server.

Lag/Plugins (5/5): There was little to no lag on this server, and the plugins are state-of-the art. Everything is in good working condition. I am very impressed.

Gameplay(5/5): The only thing that I need to say about this is one word: amazing. You just connect, fight, and have a lot of fun. I mean, I a not a fighting person and even I had a blast!

15/15 100% AA

At the end of the day: This server has a goal: To become popular and have a lot of people enjoying the simplicity and pvp of the server. And I am absolutley sure that they will reach this goal if they keep up the work that they are doing. Man, if every server was like this, I would never have to write a bad review again!

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Note: This server is a(n):

  • PvP
  • Faction

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