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Goliath – A fun, pvp, survival server that ensures good, quality game play, friendly staff, and a stable server!

Intro: If you enjoy legit pvp and survival, then this server is for you! Goliath is a multi-world server that has three worlds that reflect the different levels of difficulty of PvP in them. Easy, which is their lowest level, is a towny world where you can give your survival experience a small taste of RPG. Their other two worlds are a pvper’s dream: little rules and lots of fighting. Well, enough of the nice talk, time for the nit-picky review >:)

Builds (5/5) (Excellent): This server use to be a PMC competition map before it became public, so of coarse it has amazing builds. The build that I enjoyed the most was the cave that had many winding rail-roads through various tunnels. All of the building styles that I noticed were truly unique.

Community/Staff (4/5) (Above Average):The community would have gotten a three (average) if it was not for the extremely nice staff on this server. These staff members were very helpful with the review, and they are very quick to responding to questions. Their community is nice, however they were very quiet and nothing really stood out about them.

Lag/Plugins (4/5) (Above Average):There is little to no lag on this server. Their plugins are fairly common, BUT their utilization of the multi-world plugin isabsolutelyingenious. All of their plugins are updated and in working order.

Game play(5/5) (Excellent):This category is linked with the lag/plugins portion of the review this time. Because of their use of the multi-world plugin, the server is able to maintain a perfect balance of survival and PvP; a goal that is extremely hard to meet. I am very impressed with the variety of gameplay that they have. Keep up the good work!

Total: 18/20 90% A (Excellent)

Note: This server is a(n):

  • Survival
  • PvP

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Goliath [All-In-One]

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