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IceCraft – A very fun server that has a nice server and great community!

When I first spawned in this server, I was amazed by it’s spawn. Later, as I kept walking, I got even more amazed! This place has some really good buildings. The only problem is that this server is a fairly standard server. When I review, I just love the odd and unique, and this server was neither of them. There are some very nice towns, but I think this server would be good if it mixed in some RP to the game. Keep in mind that yes, the staff and community are very nice. However, there is no lore, themes, or anything like that. It was kind of annoying that the admins loved the /thor command as much as they did, it was hard to hear myself think with the noise XD.

All in all, this is a good server, but just not great.

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  • SMP

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IceCraft Server

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