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ImDeity Server- A large server with nice admins and a huge community! Recommended for those who want to play with several other people!

The ImDeity Server is a Minecraft server that has almost all of the different Minecraft Multiplayer game modes, including Creative and RPG! The server’s setting makes it so it seems like you’re in medieval times, complete with huge stone castles and a medieval ranking system, which includes “knight”, “lord”, and much more! On top of that, you can warp to the creative portion of the server, where you don’t have to worry about getting killed and looted, hunger, etc. Of course, you can always warp back to the survival portion of the server whenever you want.

The only problem I had with the server was that the people seemed unfriendly at first and seemed to ignore me. Little did I know, I had to put in a command first so I can talk globally. After I entered the command and repeated everything I said, everyone responded back, and the Admins were friendly when it came to helping me out. So in the end, it was my fault because I didn’t read all the rules.

I would definitely recommend this server to anyone who would like to play in Medieval times, and for people who want to play with 30+ others.

Note: This server is a(n):

  • Economy
  • Survival
  • Creative
  • RPG

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