KaosCraft – A very… interesting server that offers many different values of gameplay.

Intro:I do not enjoy writing bad reviews, however, this is one of them. When I first connected to this server I was greeted just like every other server, however my experience quickly fell. I got visited each world, and I was not terribly impressed. The creative world has a nice spawn, however it is not a flat world, which makes it difficult to build, and it is very messy. The hunger games worlds are a nice idea, however there are just not enough players to make itefficient. When I was reading the PMC post, I noticed a slight tone of self-importantin the writing, which built the server up. However, it was somewhatdisappointing.

Builds (5/5) (Excellent):Though this server was a bit sketchy, the builds were absolutley amazing. Like most perfectly scored servers, the builds on this one were original, and each of them showed the builder’s true soul. Keep up the amazing buildng

Staff/Community (2/5) (Below Average):This was one of the most dissapointing parts about the server. Now, the community wasn’t mean to me, nor did they act rude towardseach other They just were extremely unhelpful, and not open towards completely accepting the new members. When I asked questions I got answers like “Enough” and whatnot. Could go for some improvement.

Plugins/Lag (5/5) (Excellent):This server has amazing plugins that enhance the gameplay by a lot! Their expertise with web-related plugins is outstanding. Keep up the amazing work with plugins guys!

Gameplay (4/5) (Above Average):This server has above average rating for gameplay because it offers multiple forms of play. It would be a perfect 5/5 if the worlds were more practical, but once they learn some secrets of the trade, I think that it’ll be a full 5/5 for some people.

Total: 16/20 85% Above Average

Size: Medium

Note: This server is a(n):

  • Survival
  • PvP
  • Creative

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Hello there Everybody! I am Joseph, or BlueOrchard, the owner of Minecraft Modding. I mainly direct the Minecraft Mods and Minecraft Maps sections, but I occasionally do server reviews too.