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Kings Raidz Server- This is a fairly average server. The community is nice, and it’s good for PvP, but I didn’t see any grand buildings or anything like that.

This server is great for a PvP server! The community is nice and very welcoming. Within one minute of joining this server, I was invited to join a party (a more primitive form of factions). I acted to be new to Minecraft, and the community helped me get on my way to becoming a pro! The staff member that was on was very responsive and kind. This is a nice server, however it’s nothing above the ordinary.

The one problem about this server, is that I did not notice any grand buildings. The spawn was a small castle type thing, and their banner was somewhat pathetic. However, if you focus on the community and staff, it’s a great server! I think that if these people would start building more, then the server would betrulyexcellent. However, at the moment, it’s just another Minecraft server. I recommend this server forintermediatePvPers, and new people to Minecraft. It is very good, but with more building going on, it could be great.

Reviewed by dsboy1120

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  • PvP

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Kings Raidz Server

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