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Kreatious Server- A nice server with friendly people and vigilant admins. Definitely recommended for anyone who wants to find a nice survival server!

The Kreatious Server is a nice little servers that has friendly people, yet vigilant administrators and moderators. When I first got on, people seem to ignore me a little bit, but after about around 2-3 minutes, I felt like I was part of the community, and people were conversing with me. This is pretty good, considering that there was over 50 people when I was in.

I asked to talk to the owner, but the people kindly said that the owner was not there but there were a couple admins. I talked to the admin, and he was pretty friendly, but don’t get him wrong, he is very vigilant and will ban you for griefing. since I couldn’t get on creative mode, because I was pretty much new there, I asked for some nice spots that showcased the server. The administrators were too busy, but the community itself was pretty nice like I said before, and showed me some nice spots to take screenshots. Overall, this server is pretty good, and I would definitely recommend go here to because of the community, and the fact that there will always be an administrator active and constantly monitoring people, making sure they’re not doing anything they shouldn’t be doing.

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  • Survival Server

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Kreatious Server

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