MooshroomPvP- A rather average yet interesting server where you can meet up with your friends to enjoy some wholesome pvp factions.

Intro: Well, if you are looking for amazingly huge builds, a giant community, and custom plugins…. then this server is not for you. However, if you are looking for a smaller server that is brand new, then this server is for you. First off, I enjoy that this server is brand-new. It means that in the next month, it will be influenced by the people that join it! Since it is new they are looking for staff and whatnot. This server is very stable and friendly, but otherwise there is nothing too special about them. But hey, with an extremely nice owner, and an even nicer community, why not give it a try?

Builds (Exempt):Since this server is less than a month old, it is exempt from this category.

Community/Staff (4.5/5) (Above Average):The owner of this server is extremely nice, and the community is even nicer! The only problem I found was that as soon as I left spawn I was killed, which made me lose my starter tools. A simple fix for this would be to set up aperimeter where people can not battle. But, back to the owner, this guy is one cool cat. He listens too every suggestion and really considers it before making the final decision. Very good, keep up the good work!

Plugins/Lag(4.5/5) (Above Average):Most servers crash every now and then even when they have little plugins. However, this server has no lag even when the plugins are reloaded ingame! I did not crash once on this server, and there was no lag whatsoever. The plugins are very helpful to the gameplay. Especially the factions plugin, which adds a little twist of RPG to the mix.

Gameplay (3/5) (Average):I hate to say it, but there are a lot of servers that have a PvP, Faction style of gameplay. Granted there is no lag and the staff/community is amazing, but it just does not seem very original to me.

Final Score: 12/15 80% B Above Average

Note: This server is a(n):

  • PvP

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