NoobForces – A very friendly and fun Minecraft servers that is great for pvpers, survivors, and builders of all ages!

Hello everyone! Dsboy1120 here again for some more great reviews! So, lets get started with a very neat server called NoobForces.

Well, when I first joined this server I was a little nervous because I am usually unable to get a review out of a larger server like this one is. However, I quickly figured out that that was not the case. Unfortunately, none of the admins or owners were on, which made it difficult to learn about the history behind this server, but the moderator that was on was extremely helpful and made my reviewing experience quite enjoyable! Well, enough of my bit, let’s get on with the actual review.

Buildings (5/5): The buildings on this server are true works of art. I found myself easily able to consume the better half of an hour just wandering around the massive builds that are scattered around the server. I wastrulyamazed at the styles of the buildings, and the builders! There were some blocks that were used in some of the builds like ovens, crafting tables, and chests, that I did not think could ever be used as actual construction blocks. Truly remarkable.

Community/Staff (5/5): Another forte of this server. I can only use nice adjectives to describe this community. They are all helpful and treat each other with theutmostdecency. The staff are super helpful and are listening for any problems. The combine efforts of community and staff made this experience very enjoyable.

Plugins/Lag(3/5): This was the only weak point of the server. I found that this server tended to crash a lot. However, every server has a low point of the day. I really love the plugins though, nice touch.

Gameplay(4/5): This server is amazing because it is able to combine pvp, survival, and creative all in one server. There are multiple creative, and survival/pvp worlds so that everyone can find a world that matches their need. The factions also add a nice flair of RP to the mixture. Only problem: it is kind of hard to navigate around the worlds. Ex: I got lost in a creative world and I could not find my way to the portal again.

Total: 17/20 85% B+

Note: This server is a(n):

  • Creative
  • Survival
  • PvP
  • Factions

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