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Serenity Creative Server- An extremely professional server that has amazing staff and great plugins that enable the server to run very smoothly.

Builds (5/5) (Excellent):I would give them a higher rating if I could. Just see for yourself.

Intro: Well, I am always very harsh when it comes to creative servers (since I use to own one), and may I say that this server is extremely impressive. The builds are great, the staff is nice, and the plugins areingenious. You know a server is very good when I have little to say about it XD

Staff/Community (5/5) (Excellent):This server has atrulyamazing staff, and even better community members. Everyone is so kind, and the staff is very helpful with any question you have! Keep up the great work!

Plugins/Lag (4/5) (Above Average):The plugins in this server areabsolutelybrilliant. Not only do they add a fun twist to the game, they all mesh together to enable the server to run extremely smoothly andefficiently which is hard to find in most creative servers. My favorite is probably the automatic plot plugin. It controls grief, and is a way more compact alternative to huge roll-backs. Which is surprising because I usually do not like plots. The only reason why they got a point off is because there is frequent lag whenever teleporting to a new destination. However I had no crashes when I went on this server.

Gameplay (5/5) (Excellent):Everything just seems to work together in perfect harmony in this server. One candefinitelybuild to their imagination’s limit without worrying about grief on this server. Again, if I do not have much to say about it, it must be good.

Score: 19/20 95% A+ Excellent

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  • Creative

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