ShuffleCraft- A new and amazing server where one can make friends, and get noticed!

Intro: From the creators of Noob Forces comes a great newsquealto the server world! And let me just say, that because of these guys, the bar has been raised to the heavens! I mean, I had to update to a new everything out of 100 point system so I can give these guys the points that they deserve, and they deserve a lot. They offer every single kind of gameplay that there is. Since this server is new, it had a rather small community, however, I bet in no time it the community will growexponentially. This server is one of the best I have ever seen, but enough boring talk, lets get on to the review!

Builds: (100/100) (Flawless):Every build that is on this server is breathtaking. I was blownCOMPLETELYaway from the absolute beauty of spawn, and of the entire server. Words cannot describe the beauty of this server.

Community/Staff (97/100) (Excellent):The staff and the community on this server are extremely helpful and nice. They are very welcoming, and ready to make friends with anyone who joins. Only problem was being spawn killed in the survival world, however to justify the kill, I was in PvP/faction world.

Plugins/Lag (95/100) (Excellent):There was virtually NO lag whatsoever on this server. The plugins on this server are all up to date, and they are somewhat unique. the only problem I had was whenever I used /spawn, I had to do the command again because I got stuck.

Gameplay (100/100)(Flawless):This server has such a high gameplay rating simply because anyone could find their style here. Because of their muli-world plugin, they are able to integrate all these stylesseamlessly. They even have minigames! Just keep doing what you’re doing guys, it’s amazing.

Score: 392/400 98% Excellent

Note: This server is a(n):

  • Minigames
  • PvP
  • Survival
  • Creative

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